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Gary Fjellgarrd New CD - The Collection

Gary's LATEST CD ~
The Collection

A collection of some of my favourite cowboy songs performed the way they were written with just guitar and voice, recorded live in the hushed atmosphere and special acoustics of St. Andrew's United Church in Nanaimo, B.C.

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Gary Fjellgaard's Single "I Apologize"

"I Apologize" is dedicated to the First Nationís victims and survivors of the cultural genocide which occurred in Canada for over a century. No apology can heal the wounds caused by the far reaching effects of the residential school system. I can only add my voice as a member of the generation who allowed this abuse to take place.
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Gary Fjellgaard was inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame
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Juno Award
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With the magic of lyrical imagery Gary draws on his western heritage to create songs of cowboy heroes, wind swept prairies, rushing rivers, the working man, and romance. A champion of vanishing values and frontier spirit, Gary sings of lone horsemen, verdant valleys and mountain trails.