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Gary Fjellgaard Tour Date
Gary Fjellgaard & Valdy Tour Date
October 21, 2017Demmitt Community Centre, Demmitt, AB
Contact 780-833-2614
October 31, 2017Lorenzo's Cafe, Ashton Creek, BC
7:30 showtime 250-838-6700 for tickets
November 01, 2017Creekside Theatre, Lake Country, BC Special Guests Blu & Kelly Hopkins
Show time 7:30 pm For tickets 250-766-9309
November 02, 2017Carlin Hall, Tappen, BC Special Guests Blu & Kelly Hopkins
7:30 showtime For tix Acorn Music 250-832-8669(Special Guests, Blu & Kelly Hopkins)
November 03, 2017Sagebrush Theatre, Kamloops, BC 7:30 showtime Special Guests Blu & Kelly Hopkins
Tix @ Kamloops Live Box Office 250-374-5583
November 04, 2017Centre Stage Theatre, Summerland , BC Special Guests Blu & Kelly Hopkins
Tickets @ Martins Flowers 250-494-5432
November 05, 2017Frank Venables Theatre, Oliver, BC Special Guests Blu & Kelly Hopkins
Tickets @ @50-498-1626

Gary Fjellgaard - Raised on the Canadian prairies, Juno Award winner Gary Fjellgaard is a champion of vanishing values and the frontier spirit. Cattle drives, wagon treks, windswept prairies, rushing rivers and those working folks with ties to the land have all been a source of inspiration for his Western Roots style music . To quote Gary, "The romance and adventure of the west has been a part of me since I was a kid riding bareback across the prairies yodeling up a storm". Gary has been a featured performer at Cowboy gatherings from Calgary to Tucson as well as countless festivals and concerts coast to coast. There have been numerous special moments over the years, but working with the Legendary Ian Tyson and fellow balladeer Valdy, have been unforgettable.

Gary and his wife, Lynne, make their home on Gabriola Island on Canada's west coast. They have four daughters and thirteen grandchildren. Gary is proud that after forty years he is still able to make a living out on the road with a guitar and a song. As one writer put it, "He is a poet of the extravagantly good side of the human spirit; breathtakingly sane and compassionate."

Gary and Valdy -"As individual artists, these men are amazing. Together, they are phenomenal!" "

Western Roots" they call it - music that draws on all the aspects of life in the west. Music that echoes the mountains and the sea, the cowboys and the fishermen, the oil-well roustabouts and the loggers, the sunsets and the rain, the streak of rugged independence and contrariness, generosity and warmth.

Gary &Valdy: two experienced entertainers who know how to earn the respect of their audiences and deliver shows night after night that send people home with smiles and the knowledge that they've experienced something special and heartwarming.

Together, Valdy and Gary Fjellgaard are a near-perfect team. Their songs touch a common ground with the affection and warmth only old friends can share. Two memorable and endearing guys, two guitars, and two dozen songs or more to tell you where they've been, where they're at, and where they're heading.

Two of Canada's true gentlemen singer/songwriters, storytellers and troubadours teamed together on record and on the concert stage. This is a live performance that should not be missed by anybody!