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Love To The Wind
(Love To The Wind)

I ride wild horses
I must have rode most everyone
I always had to prove I was the fastest gun
As a bareback rider there was no one better
I just broke her heart each time I rode away

I'll give my love to the wind
Faithfull and true
Leavin was like breathin to a cowboy like you
I know you must go
To that damned old rodeo
When that eight second moment of glory begins
Iíll be alone like the last summer rose
Iíll give my love to the wind

He swore this would be his last go round
But he swore that every time he hit the ground
He never realized that the greatest prize
Was waiting in that home out on the range

I can see her standing by the gate
Under the big blue sky
Wonderin if heíll ever make that final ride

Writer Gary Fjellgaard
Publisher Slim Creek Music/ Kitchen Table Music

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