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Under Western Skies

Searching for freedom
Westward the wagons
They settled in the valleys of sagebrush and pines
One hundred years later
They are still in the saddle
In the smoke from our campfires we can still see them ride

Cattle corrals
The hard edge of winter
A young bride impatient for the first breath of spring
Everything that they own
Built with courage and muscle
I hope the old pioneers can still hear us sing

We will ride under western skies
Down the trail of the lonesome pine
Across the creek and up the draw
Along the river to the falls
Ridin high ridin tall ridin easy
In the cool of the dawn
We will let those ponies run
We will ride under western skies

Freedom never came cheap
Freedom never came easy
There was one battle lost for every two battles won
If you stay on the land
All you sons and you daughters
You will ride into glory in the last setting sun

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Writer Gary Fjellgaard
Publisher Slim Creek Music / Kitchen Table Music

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