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Color Of Your Collar

He's a fisherman a farmer
He's a roughneck he's a logger
If his hands get a little dirty that's alright
Well his money don't come easy
But he seems to spend it freely
As he buys a round for the boys on Saturday night

He's a trucker he's a cowboy
He's a worker on the railway
He lives in a camp and they work him overtime
If there's a poker game in progress
He will gather in the bunkhouse
Swapin yarns and dealin cards till breakfast time

Don't change the color of your collar
Nothin wrong with a dirty shade of blue
Don't change the color of your collar
We'd be proud to be just a little bit more like you

There's an airtight heater glowin
Like a red eye in the corner
With chainsaw parts and dirty socks on the floor
Cursin off those benders
In a tangle of suspenders
And a cold water wash in a basin by the door

Well it's cold out there this mornin
Better get those diesels runnin
Cause the crummy's leavin for the bush if you wanna ride
Four more months till break-up
Knowin they gotta keep-up
The one thing they got plenty of is pride

Writer Gary Fjellgaard
Publisher Slim Creek Music

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