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Cowboys And Indians

With saddle horse and covered wagons
In a never ending line
Headin west to find that Holy Grail
For every mile of plains and mountains
One more shallow grave
And a dream or two
Scattered on the trail

The Red Man must have stared in wonder
As they crossed his Sacred Ground
Stumbling on in ignorance and fear
He must have wished in the heat of battle
As he drew his trusty bow
Like the buffalo wed somehow disappear

Cowboys and Indians
I used to play that game
Sometimes I was Randolf Scott
Sometimes Jesse James
No one ever told me
No they never quite explained
That Cowboys and Indians
Was more than just a game

(Unrecorded extra verse)
His ghost still rides undefeated high on a ridge
On a pinto horse framed against the sky
The oldtimers tell his tale how he was hell in a fight
And his blood was red just like yours and mine

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Writer Gary Fjellgaard
Publisher Slim Creek Music / Kitchen Table Music

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