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Ten Years Old And Barefoot

I'd like to share old memories and talk about my hometown
She was a good time place thru a little boys eyes so amazed at what he saw
Like an Indian man with his hair in braids and a feather just for show
His black-eyed baby at his mama's breast by the stove in the general store
You could still get stuck on main street in the spring in a heavy rain
Play hide and seek in the alley in back of the Chinaman's café
And the farmer's wives went shoppin while the men folk spent some time
At a place they called the ten cent store cause a beer just cost a dime
And a fist fight just outside that door would always draw a crowd
It never once occurred to me why the women weren't allowed

He was ten years old and barefoot he never had a care
Mother natures keepin time she don't always keep it fair
Now I've got the time to write some lines bout the happy times I knew
And being ten years old and barefoot was the best that I could do

Now the barbershop and poolroom they were one and the very same
With a board across the barbers chair you could watch them play the game
Layin pennies on the railway tracks when the passenger came thru
And I swear that a thousand gophers stared down the barrel of my twenty-two
At hockey games and cowboy shows was our chance to make some noise
And I know that every friend I had thought the girls were the same as the boys
We didn't know bib overalls would someday be in style
Boredom was a word that I wouldn't know for quite awhile
So it don't matter where you live it don't matter where you die
Stay ten years old and barefoot until your eighty five

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Writer Gary Fjellgaard
Publisher Helping Hand Music

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