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Train Of Dreams

Train of dreams donít you know
I havenít seen the Rockies or the wild West Coast
I hear a song on the rails of iron and steam
I will ride forever on that train of dreams

Down by the tracks in that small prairie town
Ragged young boys raisin dust like a cloud
We would wait for the trains in the hot summer sun
If we listened to the rails we could hear them hum

She would still be a speck when her whistle would blow
She snaked across the prairie in her glory and smoke
And came to a stop with a groan and a scream
Weíd stare in wide eyed wonder at that train of dreams

Weíd just hang around that platform all day
Watching all the people journey on their way
They had places to go we had never been
Some mysterious adventure on that train of dreams

That long whistle moans
Like a sirenís call
I havenít seen Superior or old Montreal
This town on the plains is the only thing Iíve seen
I wish I had a ticket on that train of dreams

Writer Gary Fjellgaard
Publisher Silver Songs Music

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