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Cowboy In Your Heart

In the hills beyond the prairie
Just below the timberline
On our trusty faithful ponies
We'll go riding back in time
We are sailors of the saddle
Leather faced and hard as steel
And we'll ride into the sunset
We will know how freedom feels

I can see your still a dreamer
Sometimes stumble in the dark
Though your lives be uneventful
There's a cowboy in your heart

We'll be rough we'll be ready
Like some band of desperate men
Were living proof and living color
That the wild bunch rides again
We will set those spurs a jinglin
We'll walk the line we'll toe the mark
Ridin high ridin easy
With a cowboy in your heart

I love the taste of freedom
The wind the earth and sky
I will roam and I will wander
And be a cowboy till I die

Writer Gary Fjellgaard
Publisher Slim Creek Music

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