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One More River Run

One more river run
One more crazy wild river run
In this leaky boat we somehow keep afloat
And run that river once again
We might be a little scared
We might be a little out of control
But somehow with all our might we hold each other tight
And run that river to the end

And the wild white water tumbles and roars
I guess we could have stayed on the shore
Somewhere above the falls between those canyon walls
It seemed all hope was gone
And the wild white water goes where she goes
On the way to God only knows
But somehow we survive that wild white water ride
And that's one more river run

We never see the rocks
Until they almost tear us apart
There must be some old bones among those broken stones
For those times the river won
So let's have a little faith
We made this boat with love after all
And we’ll never trade it for the safety of the shore
Or one more river run

Racing thru the rapids tasting victory
Another thousand river bends
We'll make it to the sea
And that's one more river run

Writer Gary Fjellgaard
Publisher Slim Creek Music/ Kitchen Table Music

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