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Somewhere On The Island

Look at all these Islands
Granite walls and sandstone
See the mighty evergreens
Standing by the shore
How those waves have pounded
Down thru the ages
Somewhere thru eternity
Gone for evermore

I can hear a heartbeat somewhere on the ocean
Somewhere on the changing tide
I can hear the wind so wild shouting cross the sand
I can hear an eagle sreaming of an eagle
Somewhere in the distant sky
I hear somebody cryin someone softly cryin
Somewhere on the Island

Look at all the old men
Watered eyed and shakin
Still dreamin bout the olden days
Behind their mystic door
When they lived upon the Island
And never made a footprint
They just barely touched their moccasins
Upon the forest floor

Someone said that's progress
Someone said destruction
Someone said that I don't really care
I just don't give a damn
Look at all the children
Trust upon their faces
Hoping for a legacy
Untouched by foolish hands

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Writer Gary Fjellgaard
Publisher Slim Creek Music

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