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Sweet Nellie

About Song
Mom said we didn't have a horse named Nellie but her Grandma did and that justifies the song

You and me Nellie/Back in our prime
We could turn on a nickel/Spin on a dime
We were green as the grass/Like new young vines
You and me Nellie/We just ran out of time

Oh Sweet Nellie/Your such a good old horse
You know times are tough/But then they could get worse
If your tail is south/We must be headin north
Take me home Sweet Nellie/Your such a good old horse

Well I had me a girl/In my drifter days
She was southern born/She was southern raised
While you rolled in the grass/We rolled in the hay
But I was gone in the morning/I couldn't change my ways

We've been over the mountains/Across the plains
Bent by the wind/Near drowned by the rain

You carried my body/You carried my pain
Oh Sweet Nellie/You were good on the rein

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Writer Gary Fjellgaard
Publisher Slim Creek Music

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