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Steel Horse Lullaby

About Song
Round a bend through the Rockies I can still see that steel horse smokin. Looking back, the prairies disappeared

I was one more prairie son/Back in nineteen fifty some
That wind was cold where I come from/I shivered in the station
Leavin on that west bound train/I didn't even know your name
I know you miss that west coast rain/I still miss the prairies

You came up from that southern town/To all those winters that've come and gone
I quit most jobs I ever found/Almost drove you crazy
Rocky mountain mystery/Stretching as far as I could see
Why you still belong to me/I sometimes have to wonder

Trains like a steel horse lullaby/Carry me across the great divide
And dream/Dreams that never die
Some get lost in the rhythm of/A steel horse lullaby

Ride away
Saddle up that rocky mountain highway
It's a sweet song/So dream on
A steel horse lullaby

Sometimes trains they don't come back/That's why it's called a one way track
You know a cowboy singer or a lumber jack/Can somehow make a livin
There's a train comin around the bend/Driven by that prairie wind
That's just me fallin in love again/Meet me in the station

Writer Gary Fjellgaard
Publisher Slim Creek Music

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