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By The Sea

About Song
The political position of most folks on some of the smaller west coast islands are carefully examined in this song. Should have LEFT this one off the CD

We live on these rocks / Where the ferry boat docks
Still wearin black gumboots and slickers
We brag and we boast / Of this life on the coast
But sometimes we argue and bicker

Just as long as we live by the sea
Just as long as my darlin loves me
For whatever it's worth / We're apart of the earth
And that's not such a bad place to be
Just as long as we live by the sea

Down at the Islanders Hall / A meeting was called
They said a bridge would improve our condition
When it came to a vote / Everybody said no
We're taking the lotus position

We gather the wood / That will fit in the stove
Given up by the wind and the breakers
We barter and trade / We lay in the shade
And manjana means sooner or later

Some say it's a fact / We're a little laid back
Some say not over ambitious
It's not that we shirk / Ah but why should we work
When we can munch on granola and fishes

Writer Gary Fjellgaard
Publisher Slim Creek Music

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