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Barefoot Days

About Song
Reunions in small prairie towns inspire a nostalgic look into the innocent days.
Innocent? Could be stretchin it a bit

Not much remains /Of those barefoot days
Just the odd memory/From an innocent age
When I was a skinny kid/Out at the knees
And you were the girl/Of my dreams

You came from that farm/At the end of the road
Baked by the sun/Full of thistles and stones
I still remember/Your freckles and jeans
Back in those/Barefoot days

And it's so good/To see you again
At this small town reunion/Remembering when
Ah sometimes I wish/That we could go back
To those summers/When we were just kids
But we'll never/As long as we live

Go back to those/Barefoot days
Back to the/Innocent age
We never thought/That those summers would end
Back in those/Barefoot days

We often rode double/On the back of my horse
Kicking our heels in his side/We would ride
To the end of the pasture/You holding on tight
With your hair flying/Back in the wind

I was looking for wages/When I left the farm
I heard you got married/To a rancher back home
Do you ever wonder/When you think of those days
How innocent/Young love can be

Writer Gary Fjellgaard
Publisher Slim Creek Music

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