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Raw Courage

About Song
A poem by cowboy poet Mike Pullhalo struck a chord with me as the fires were raging through the North Thompson the summer of 2003.
"Half moon hangs blood red" or "Standing in the ashes saying, we can build again" I couldn't leave that alone

Lyric inspiration from the poem "Courage" by Mike Puhallo

Flames / Dancing on the hills
Half moon hangs / Blood red
The devil has been fed

Dry / It's never been so dry
Night / Never ends
Damn that shifting wind

We have seen raw courage / Seen it in the eyes
Of all the burnt out families / Trying to survive
In the blackened weary faces / of those heroes on the line
In the love between a woman / And a man
Standing in the ashes saying / We can build again

And that's courage / Raw courage
Standing in the ashes saying / We can build again

Fly / Water bombers fly
Thunder / In the dawn
The battle rages on

Smoke / The valley's filled with smoke
Will we ever / See the sun
Not till the battles won

Writer Gary Fjellgaard /Socan
Publisher Slim Creek Music/Socan

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