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Pop Campbell's Barn

About Song
Horse and toboggan to school. Leave him munchin slough grass in the livery stable. What a magical place. They even had town council meetings in an empty stall where they made major decisions,l guess.

He came from the prairies / A friend of the family
We sipped on Saskatchewan moonshine
In the cool of the kitchen / We get to reminiscing
About back when we had us some good times
He said there's been some changes / Not all for the better
He put one more pint on the table
I said just in passin / Whatever happened
To Pop Campbell's Livery Stable

She was bigger than most / A community host
The prairies last cultural vision
The town council hall / Was a straw covered stall
Where the mayor made his major decisions
She was cool in the summer / Warm in the winter
Sway backed and bent down the middle
But the horses got fed / For two bits a head
At Pop Campbell's Livery Stable

Now the Anderson clan / Were of Scottish descent
With a mixture of Swede and Norwegian
On a Saturday night / They would look for a fight
And end up in a sorry condition
Don't fight in the barn boys / Pop'd give them a warning
Go home to your chores if your able
Or sleep in the loft / Where the slough grass is soft
At Pop Campbell's Livery Stable

Well they burned the place down / Then leveled the ground
To make way for the antique museum
Old buggies and sleighs / You can't sit in today
But if you stand behind the fence you can see em
Don't panic old boy / If we run out of oil
Well I've managed to keep up the farm
And as a matter of course / We'll go back to the horse
And rebuild Old Pop Campbell's Barn

Writer Gary Fjellgaard Socan
Publisher Slim Creek Music / Socan

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