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If The Cowboy Goes Away

About Song
Admire the workin cowboy, his lifestyle and that undaunted spirit we all wish we had. Who will take care of those wild, lonely places if the cowboy goes away

If the cowboy goes away
Who will ride the lonely places
Who will nurse the tortured ranges
Who will gather in the stray
If the cowboy disappears
Who will protect the sweet grass prairie
And the high wild sanctuary
If the cowboy goes away

There are still some old vaqueros/Down in Mexico
With tales of California/So long ago
The open range is gone/Like the buffalo
They just sit and watch the sunset/On those desert hills
That there are still vaqueros left boys/It's a miracle

If the cowboy goes away
Who will be out there ridin fences
Who will still have common senses
If the cowboy goes away

They say the cowboy will be one brief page/Of history
Why anyone would say that/Is a mystery
When heroes ride away/There's a legacy
But if somewhere on the borderline/That story ends
And all that we can say boys/Is remember when

Writer Gary Fjellgaard/Socan
Publisher Slim Creek Music/Socan

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