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Lonely Desperado

About Song
Crossing the Baja border for the first time was a grand experience for a songwriter. I became Juan,the lonely desperado riding a wild eyed stallion through the hills of Mexico searching for her secrets

There's been a change in me my friends/ Ever since I crossed the border
Another gringo has become/A lonely desperado
I ride the hills of Mexico/ Searching for her secrets
I am Juan the lonely desperado/Out among the cactus

Hey hombre would you like to buy/A poncho and sombrero
Five hundred pesos later/I am mucho desperado
>From the back of a wild eyed stallion/Out there in the plaza
I gallup away in a cloud of dust/Ah just like Poncho Villa

With silver spurs and silver bits/And long tapederos
I cross the high Sonorans/As a lonely desperado
A village had been taken by/Bandidos from Diablo
So I ride in like Clint Eastwood/With my blazing pistoleros

They gathered round my stirrup friends /And cheered this cabellero
The senoritas cried as one voice/Juan you are my hero
I must gallop on my way amigos/North across the border
But I'll come back to Mexico/As a lonely desperado

Writer Gary Fjellgaard/Socan
Publisher Slim Creek Music/Socan

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