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The Long Haul

About Song
Life leaves a lot of scars that never quite disappear. That sounds a bit preachy I know but we've all got them. Hang in there for the long haul folks and keep that cowboy spirit

Love can be locked up like treasure
Sometimes we can't find the key
But if love was a rule we could measure
There'd be more than we ever would need

But the words fly like poisoned tipped arrows
And the eyes flash with hard bitter tears
The barbs cut right through to the marrow
And the scars never quite disappear

We will stay for the long, long haul
Hang right in for the long, long haul
We will roll on/ down that old highway
Stay for the long, long haul
Hang right in/ For the long, long haul

Two hearts so silently breaking
They each blame the other in turn
Love could have been theirs for the taking
But the bridges were blackened and burned

All the beds we have chosen to lie on
Can either be roses or thorns
Sometime to weep and to cry on
Sometimes tender and warm

Writer Gary Fjellgaard/Socan
Publisher Slim Creek Music/Socan

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