Gary Fjellgaard Song Lyrics > Contenders Two: Still in the Running


They been out playin hockey / They were a hungry bunch
So Dave took the kids in / For a bite of lunch
This VLT was there / Clangin and chirpin
No one was playin / It was really disturbin

So Dave pulled the plug / On the VLT
Dave pulled the plug / On the VLT
Thatís the video lottery terminal
Dave pulled the plug / On the VLT

Somewhere in New Brunswick / An alarm went off
The guard sat up so fast / He spilled his coffee
Bells were ringing / Lights were blinking red
This has never happened before / He said

When that plug came out and / The jangling abated
The waitress looked sharply / Up from her plate
Pulling the plug is strictly forbid
And Dave pulled that sucker / Right off of the grid

If you ask me / Daveís a heroe / For seeing / An annoyance stop
It was a good solution / To noise pollution
But try to tell that / To the cops
Who came racing in / Expecting a riot
And here was this family / Eating real quiet
We can do it too / We oughta try it
They tell us were locked in / But I donít buy it

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Writer Valdy / Doris Mason
Publisher Well Written Songs, Big Shore Music, Stony Plain Records / Socan

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