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Speed of the Sound of Loneliness

You come home late / and you / come home early
You come home big / or / When your feeling small
You come home straight / You come home curly
Sometimes you donít / Come home at all

What in the world Has come over you
What in heavens name / Have you done
Youíve broken the speed of the / Sound of loneliness
Your out there runnin / Just to be on the run

I got a heart that burns / With a fever
I got a worried and / A jealous mind
How can a love thatíd last forever
Get left so far behind

Itís a mighty mean and / Dreadful sorrow
Thatís crossed that evil line / Today
How can you ask about / Tomorrow
When we ainít got / One word to say

Writer John Prine
Publisher Big Ears Music Inc. ASCAP, Bruised Oranges

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