Gary Fjellgaard Song Lyrics > Contenders Two: Still in the Running

Still in the Running

Rollin along / Through the dust and the gravel
Spinning our wheels / Every road we travel
If we can still bring a tear / With the songs that we’re strumin
Bring a laugh or a smile / It’s worth every mile
Cause we’re still in the runnin

Another twist in the trail / What does it matter
We’re not runnin for gold / That’s not what we’re after
Just to be in the dance / Sharing these moments
Every high every low / It’s all in the show
Cause we’re still in the runnin

Saying goodbye / Drawing the curtains
House lights turned on / Everyones leavin
Ah but we had us a time / Kinda wish we were stayin
But more than one night / Just wouldn’t seem right
Cause we’re still in the runnin

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Writer Gary Fjellgaard
Publisher Slim Creek Music

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