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One More Pony Ride

We’ve been down / So many trails
Why we could tell / A thousand tales
Throwed to the ground / And got back up again
We dusted off / Those faded dreams
Mended them / Like old blue jeans
Then tipped our hats / And slowly rode away

There’s always one more pony to ride
One more blazing sunset
On a pair of matching chestnuts / On one more glory trail
There’s a fire in their eyes
From some forgotten battle
Better stick right to the saddle
Hold on tight / Don’t let go
There’s always one more rodeo / And one more bronc we have never tried
There’ll always be / One more pony ride

Tangled ropes / Calloused hands
Scars that burn / Just like a brand
In both our hearts / In both our memories
Rusty spurs / worn out chaps
There ain’t much use / In looking back
When we’re hard upon / The trail of destiny

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Writer Gary Fjellgaard / Stuart Montgomery
Publisher Slim Creek Music / Stuart Montgomery-Collins Music BMI / Kitchen Table Music

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