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Knowin' When to Quit

My wife said I should retire / I think youíve lost your fire
And youíll never write the perfect country song
Whatís that you say my dear / Try the other ear
Iíll know when itís time to move along

You know I get these muscle cramps / Pickin up my amp
I need help just to get up on the stage
My eyes are getting dim / I gotta feel to plug it in
And the only thing Iím feelin is my age
Itís knowin when to quit the business
Head on down to old Mexico
Itís cold out on the prairies / When you tour in January
With the wind chill itís fourty nine below
Itís knowin when to quit the business
Time to give it up and let it go
This musical direction / Needs a southerly conection
Itís knowin when to quit and go to Mexico

I still got some cowboy pride / In this dried up wrinkled hide
I feel like twenty one / In my brain
I stand up here so proud / But out there in the crowd
Is a look of mild discomfort and disdain

If we pair things to the bone / Sell everything we own
Weíll still be broke and livin in the red
Oh, did I fail to mention / We get the old age pension
We can live on that but only if weíre dead
Chorus (last half)

Writer Gary Fjellgaard
Publisher Slim Creek Music

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