Gary Fjellgaard Song Lyrics > All in the Journey

Mexican Heat

Bougainvillea trails/from the courtyard walls
In the eucalyptus shade/I can hide from the Mexican sun
I sit here in the plaza/I drink my first tequila
And I dream about the night/that Spanish dancer/danced for me

The Mexican heat/was all around her
Mexican heat/like flashing silver
If I never come this way again/Iíll remember
The Spanish dancer/and the Mexican heat

Mariachi magic/and a million stars
I catch a glimpse of her/ brown skin limbs/in the moonlight
Her dresses swirled around her/our eyes met for a moment
Was there anything/ more beautiful in Mexico

Out there in the plaza/in a voice so soft and low
She said, "No Senior, I belong to Mexico"

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Writer Gary Fjellgaard
Publisher Slim Creek Music

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