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An Old Western Story

Gather the wagons / Get ready to roll
Dreams of the west / Down deep in our souls
We should have known / The wild prairie wind
Would cut through a blanket / Of buffalo skin
Wrapped in those robes / High up on the wagons
Thatís where / That old western story begins

We heard there were renegades / Rustlers and rogues
Thereíll be the devil / To pay I suppose
Half crazy outlaws / Harder than stone
Scavengers waiting / To savage our bones
Wounded and weary / High up on the wagons
And so / That Old western story goes on

The Rockies stood waiting / To challenge a man
Every morning / The wagon boss gave his command
Deep in the snow / In a high mountain pass
How many lifetimes / Can one winter last
Hungry and frozen / High up on the wagons
Who thought / That old western story would last

In the valleys out west / Came the end of the line
A footnote in history / A step out of time
Carving a life out of / Timber and stone
Living and dying / Our story goes on
Ten generations / Living and dying
That old western story / Is written in stone

Writer Gary Fjellgaard
Publisher Slim Creek Music

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