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I Apologize

I have this guilt / I have this shame
I have a conscience / So I have to take the blame
I stood back / I watched it all
I even helped imprison you / Behind those walls

No excuse / Is good enough
We never let you speak / Unless you mimicked us
I canít run / I canít hide
Why I canít even / Look you in the eye

No hollow prayer / No silent shout
No more empty words / Spilling from my mouth
You stripped away / My thin disguise
Now all that I can do is say / Iím sorry
I apologize

I thought that God / Was on my side
And with my righteousness / Iíd tame the savage child
I would not have them / Running free
If they assimilate / They could be like me

How many can / The wagons hold
Another thousand children / I suppose
It must have seemed / Like judgement day
The anguish / As the wagons rolled away

I canít begin / To know your pain
You canít forgive / As long as memory remains
Through it all / You still survive
And all that I can do is say / Iím sorry
Choking on tthe words that say / Iím sorry
I apologize

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Writer Gary Fjellgaard
Publisher Slim Creek Music

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