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Zane Grey

Zane Grey/You're my hero
I lived every line/You ever wrote/Back on the farm
Zane Grey/It's all over
But we had us a time/A good time/Back on the Farm

I was prairie born and prairie raised
I read every book by Zane Grey
He wrote down every dream I had/Some have never changed
I rode bareback on an old white horse
Thought I was riding Silver
From Texas up to Abilene/We crossed those dusty plains

When the bank got robbed in Santa Fe
When the bandits crossed the border
I tracked them down in Mexico/Not one of them survived
When the desperadoes took the girl
When they held her up for ransom
I rode to the rescue guns ablaze/I took her back alive

Now the Riders of the Purple Sage
Are just Shadows on the Trail
The Vanishing Americans
Just up and rode away

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Writer Gary Fjellgaard/ęSocan
Publisher Slim Creek Music/ęSocan

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