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Buffalo Are Back

The buffalo are back boys / the buffalo are back
They're a natural for this range boys / hey that's a basic fact
They once were small in number / Their future was so black
I'm glad to say / The buffalo are back

Now man was part and parcel / Of some large historic goof
We almost lost the bison / Sixty million on the hoof
But there were men with vision boys / A lucky thing was that
And I'm proud to say / The buffalo are back

We'll bow to mother nature boys / We will not strip her bare
We'll tend the mighty buffalo / With tender loving care
All our son's and daughters / Will be proud of what we've done
When they see those bison / Grazin in the sun

Call em buffalo or bison boys / What difference does it make
To build that mighty herd again / We'll give more than we take
And one thing is for certain boys / and that will never change
The buffalo are back on the range

Writer Gary Fjellgaard/ęSocan
Publisher Slim Creek Music/ęSocan

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