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Dancing In The Grass

Come all you weekend cowboys
We got one more day of ridin
We got one more night/Out here on the trail
Saddle sores and weary
Throats dry and dusty
We got one more chance/To let go of the reins

And we'll be dancin in the grass/Till after midnight
To a pick up band/Who knows every two step
We'll never get enough/Raisin hell'n raisin dust
Every heart breakin trail/Is in the past
To a weekend cowboy/Dancin in the grass

Get a taste of cowboy life
Out here on this cattle drive
We can wave those worries/All goodbye
Leather tough wild and free
Ain't no place we'd rather be
Than here beneath/That big old western sky

The moon is full of romance
Shining on the sagebrush
Like a painting from a/Charlie Russel scene
We've never seen the ladies
Looking quite so pretty
A fantasy/ in every cowboy's dream

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Writer Gary Fjellgaard/©Socan
Publisher Slim Creek Music/©Socan

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