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Tears on Mainstreet

Beyond the stairs / beyond the hall
The shadows rise / the shadows fall
She lives / behind those walls
On main street
She dreams / a young girls dreams
Ah those kisses / taste so sweet
Then burn / like kerosene
On main street

She was born / beneath the sun
Like each / and everyone
Her life / had just begun
On main street
I wonder / if she's cryin
In her heart / in her mind
It's all / a waste of time
On main street

The young and restless / on parade
So defiant / filled with rage
Starring on / the centre stage
On main street
She stands / beneath a light
Looking harder / than the night
Waiting for her / shinning knight
On main street


The sirens / scream with fear
Their echoes / disappear
In the silence / of the tears / she cries
On main street

Writer Gary Fjellgaard / ęSocan
Publisher Slim Creek Music / ęSocan

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