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Heart Break Trail

Leavin tracks in the dust/On the heart break trail
My collar up/Ridin all alone
The night winds seem to cry/On the heart break trail
But this old cowboys/ comin home

There was a big old yellow moon/On the heart break trail
I remember the reflection/In her eyes
The tears fell like rain/On the heart break trail
The night this old cowboy/Said goodbye

We could be the heroes
In a movie of the week
About a cowboy/and his foolish pride
And a ridin in the sunset/happy ending

My pony seems so eager/He holds his head up high
The moon goes down/Another day begins
Just a few more miles to water/Two arms to hold me tight
I'll never ride that heart break trail again

Writer Gary Fjellgaard/ ęSocan
Publisher Slim Creek Music/ęSocan

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