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Song of the Wagons

In the year of two thousand
With fourty four wagons
One twenty on horseback
We crossed historys rivers and streams
Just for a moment
We tasted the romance
Of the settler and the cowboy
Who followed a dream

High in the saddle / with my new companions
Grass to the stirrup / out where the buffalo roam
They graze behind fences / as we rumble and clatter
The song of the wagons / on old buffalo bones

Roll wagons roll / blow west wind blow
Sweet sweet the song of the wagons / roll wagons roll

Slow movin bison / A Sunday mornin horizon
We gather to worship / on the hill with the valley below
When I need inspiration / When the wagon treks over
I'll hitch up these memories / to the wagons and go

Writer Gary Fjellgaard/ ęSocan
Publisher Slim Creek Music/ęSocan

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