Gary Fjellgaard Song Lyrics > The Collection: Solo Accoustic


When I was young I used to trade
My comic books and home made guns
And little cowboys on the run
Were killers just like me
We'd hang those dirty outlaws high
With rawhide ropes of binder twine
Red Ryder was a friend of mine
A hero just for me

I remember when we stole a can
Of tobacco from the hired hand
Seein as how we were workin men
We'd smoke till we were green
We could spit and we could fight
And we believed each others lies
Ridin fast and ridin high
For all the world to see

Whatever happened to my heroes
They don't make em like they did in fourty four
But they were there when I needed them
I wish they'd all come back again
I don't have no heroes anymore

They travel thru my memory
Those riders and their legacy
I know they all remembered me
They called me by my name
Then like a ghost from yesterday
My heroes thunder on their way
Back into a lonely grave
For all eternity

Writer Gary Fjellgaard
Publisher Helping Hand Music

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