Gary Fjellgaard Song Lyrics > The Collection: Solo Accoustic

Dance With This Old Cowboy

He was leather and dust
He was bent and busted
Just a worn out broken down cowboy
He was rodeo
That was years ago
Now the rodeo is over

She was young and soft
Every hat came off
In respect for all that beauty
She was a dance hall prize
In every young man's eyes
And in the heart of that old cowboy

I wanna hold you close to me he said
I wanna feel my arms around you
And if you don't mind my askin you
Would you dance with this old cowboy

That cowboy fell in love
Head over heels in love
With that vision of the prairie
Would you dance with me
He so bravely asked her
His last dance just a memory

And then she smiled a smile
Like to melt his heart
She said you almost had me worried
I've been waitin all night
I thought you'd never ask me
I'm so glad you found the courage

Writer Gary Fjellgaard
Publisher Slim Creek Music

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