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Drifting Cowboy

There's a shack along the road
The old cowboy calls it home
There’s not much to do but watch the trucks roll by
So he sits and drinks his tea
Rocking to some memory
Just a drifting cowboy taking one last ride

His dreams are like the ghost
Of the only life he knows
His silver spurs jingle and shine
Once he was young and hell on wheels
Now can you picture how he feels
Still riding broncos somewhere back in time

Those prairie winds still blow
Like they did so long ago
Ah but the tumbleweeds don't roll quite the same
They old line riders ask
When will the buffalo come back
And will the drifting cowboys ever drift again

He rides into the town
As the sun is going down
He ties his trusty pony to the rail
Some trail boss and his crew
They stand him one or two
But tonight we'll find him out there on the trail

Drifting cowboy
Taking one last ride
Just a speck out on the prairie
And a little spark of glory in my eyes

Writer Gary Fjellgaard
Publisher Slim Creek Music

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